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生化煉獄 屍痕遍野Logo_ 國際版.png


The survivors have come to a deserted town under the relentless zombie rampage, but they didn't expect that the whole town has been occupied by zombies. The survivors arrive at a deserted town, but they do not realize that the town is already occupied by zombies. The zombies swarm from all sides of the town, coveting the flesh and blood of this group of survivors.

Game Features

  • 360° Zombie Shooter

  • Co-Op Survival

  • Interactive Environment

  • Somatosensory Gun

  • Vibration Floor

Number of Players

  • 2 - 4 Players


Recommended age

  • 12 Years Old or above

屍痕遍野_主視覺_ 直式a.png
屍痕遍野_主視覺_ 橫式a.jpg
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